“I ejaculate too fast, less than 1 minute, what should I do?”

“Sometimes I ejaculate too quickly, not long after I get in…I know my girlfriend is sad but she keeps telling me that’s alright…That’s not alright, I know. But I don’t know what to do…I try so many methods on Youtube, and on Twitter, but it doesn’t work.” — Jeramie

Do you confuse about the same problem? 

Do you ejaculate too quickly that bothers you and your girlfriend so much?

Does she keep telling you that’s ok, that’s alright, no big deal, you’re good… And you do know that is not ok?

That’s ok.

The first and most important way is, you should go to the hospital to check if you’re literally premature ejaculation. If yes, just do what the doctor said.

If you don’t want to go to the hospital, please don’t take any medicine by yourself! Don’t take any medicine that you bought from the internet!

First, you need to know, what will lead to premature ejaculation?

Bad sleep, drinking, stress, irregular frequency of sex…These would lead to premature ejaculation.

Second, To convince yourself psychologically.

Tell yourself you’re good, keep calm, and don’t be afraid of sex because of the previous bad behavior. It’s the first step you need to do.

Third, to desensitize your dick physically.

Many people ejaculate too fast because their glans’ are too sensitive, so the best way to cool your dick down is to desensitize it! 

How to desensitize it? Try some masturbators.

Masturbators not only can satisfy you, but it is also the best thing to desensitize your glans.

It is designed to simulate the most realistic vigina. Every time you use a good masturbator, you are having sex, but you can completely control it. And no need to worry about anything.

What’s more, it can train you, desensitize your glans, making you a real fucking machine.

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