Flexible Pulse Strong Sucking Device

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The female clit has tens of thousands of nerves, and this Strong Sucking will blow your mind, releasing a surge of endocrine to bring your whole body to an unbelievable pleasure.

This device is perfect for those beginners to explore their sexuality, or veterans wanna stimulate the feeling. Strong pulse sucking make it a no-contact unique oral-like sensation! It’s ultra-quiet, protecting your privacy and make it more excited.

It got 10 frequency mode, you can find a mode which can easyly getting to your G -spot. It is made of nano-silicone and ABS, skin friendly and skin-like touching feel. It’s temperature stays in 42 degrees celsius. 

If you’re trying to figure out how sucking feels like or recreate the perfect night, this device is quite a choice.

Key Features:

  • Strong pulse sucking : 10 frequency mode, no-contact pulse will give you an unique oral-like sucking sensation.
  • Ultra-quiet : Under 40 dB, quieter than someone is whispering.
  • Waterproof:  It can be used in the bathroom. 
  • Convenient to carry : Small size, put it in your handbag and use it anywhere! One hand can handle it.
  • Constant temperature : It stays in 42 degrees celsius.

Material:  Nano-silicone, ABS
Measurements:  12.38×3.54×4.3cm
Net Weight:  100g
Power:  USB charging. 


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